What you need to know about Covid-19 and your pets

=> Can your pets get Covid-19?

=> Are you at risk of getting it from your cat or dog?

=> Will your pet contract Covid-19 from you?

=> If my pet does get sick, how sick?

There are many questions and concerns about personal, and pet,
safety that cat and dog owners have these days due to the present
problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the scientific community, this virus is called SARS-CoV-2.
I happened to be at the vet today taking my older dog to
get her heartworm test. My vet told me that there are
many Covid diseases that pets get, but the symptoms
are so mild that they don’t even treat the pet.

Hopefully, things will soon settle down, and normalcy will
once again be established. However, with so many viewpoints
and political interests, it may take a while for that to happen.

#1 Can your pet get this Covid-19 virus?

By now you have probably heard that dogs can get this virus.
Where do they get it from? Their owners – YOU! But never fret,
dogs don’t get very sick, if they do at all.

And your cats? Yep. Cats too can get this virus. Your cat will exhibit
even fewer symptoms than your dog, but your kitty seems to be
more contagious to other cats than your infected dog is to
other dogs.

Generally, animals will not contract covid -19. The number of cases of pets
getting this virus is extremely small. This is mostly spread among the
human population through some kind of contact.

#2 Can you catch this stuff (Covid) from your pet?

There have been studies done suggesting that indicate that
you likely cannot get this virus from your pet. These researchers
always put in the caveat the it still might be possible, but
the chances of you getting this from your pet are slim to none.

You don’t even hear anything on the news about Covid-19
being spread by animals. This virus originally came from some
animal (Bat seems to be the most pointed to), but animals
don’t generally seem to be guilty of spreading this disease to humans.

#3 Can your pet get this from you?

Well, in case you missed it earlier, I did “Spill the beans” so to speak.
“Where do they get it from? Their owners – YOU!” is what I wrote earlier.
So, I guess the answer is YES. Actually, people are the culprits when it
comes to transmitting this to animals.

By now you have also probably heard about the tiger at the Bronx zoo
testing positive for Covid -19, and making it the first “Cat” to test positive
for this virus. The finger seems to be pointed at one of the cat’s keepers
who had the virus.

Since then, many cats have tested positive for Covid-19, as well as
dogs, ferrets, mink, and some farm animals.

The bottom line is that some people are getting rid of their pets, or
boarding them for fear of either getting infected, or giving the
infection to their pet(s).

There is no logical reason to not keep your pet. Even if your pet
did get sick (which is quite rare), your pet would likely not have
severe problems, and would definitely not die.

I found a really good article on the American Veterinary Medical Association’s
website that explains a lot about the research being done with animals,
and why fear does not have to be a part of your life with your pet.
Check the article out here.

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