Fresh Water For Outside Cats During Hot Or Cold Days

Are your outside cats getting enough fresh water?

Pets during extreme hot or cold days do not usually fare very well.
The major reason is that many animals (Pets) living outdoors do not
have access to a consistent water supply.

If an outside cat is lucky enough to live near a stream, then it is
going to be okay – that is until the stream dries up on those
extremely hot days. Of course, winter will likely freeze what
water is flowing, unless the stream is large and moves well. 

If the weather goes to freezing,  then it is not easy for outside cats, dogs,
and other outside animals to always find the water that they need to stay alive.
This is where you, as the human caretaker come in if you are helping
out the needy (neighborhood kitties).

Drink This!

Handling Outside Water During Summer

Our pets (cats, dogs, raccoons, birds,, whatever form and species
they may be, require water to stay healthy.

An overheated dog or cat can just as easily suffer from the heat
as we can. The difference is that we can get a drink of water whenever
we please just by turning on the faucet.  Maybe an inside cat can manage
to find the spigot, but of course an outside dog or cat cannot.

Winter Water Weather

Winter water is different than summer water. A summer water bowl is usually empty due to the outside pets drinking it, and evaporation.

On cold winter days the water bowl will usually still have water in it – in the form of ice.

An iced over water bowl is pretty much the same thing as an emptly water bowl to a thirsty cat as it can’t drink from either of them. Frozen water does not lap up as
well as the stuff that is wet.

I was just thinking, do you remember the cartoons and movies that depict
some little kid with their tongue stuck to some metal post? They were going
to lick some ice or something? Well, I have no research, and I’m sure that
cats are not that stupid to intentionally engage in “Tongue Sticking”, but I
wonder if a cat’s tongue can get stuck on ice?

Yet another reason for keeping outside water fresh!

You have undoubtedly heard this mantra many times before as
it is easy to forget to keep checking outside water bowls for empty, or
frozen dishes.  However,
we all know that forgetting does not excuse us
from that responsibility,  and
therefore it is important that we do our
part to keep fresh water available for our cats no matter what the
outside climate might be doing.

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