Are your pets afraid of you?

Maybe you don’t think that your pets are afraid of you, and
hopefully you are right. Unfortunately, I have never really
met anyone who has a pet that there is never some fear
coming from the cat or dog. This includes – yours truly.

I always consider myself to be rather good with most
pets that I encounter. Many of you do also. 

Your pet(s) may not always be skittish of you, but
there are usually times when things may not be going
just right, and your pet (cat especially) may not be
anxious to come out to see you. 

Think, your dog comes when it’s called, your cat
jumps up on your lap when you sit down, expecting
to be petted – and you willingly oblige.

Think again. Do you ever get angry? Do you ever raise your voice?
Do you ever drop things (intentionally or unintentionally), and
do these “Things” create loud noises when they arrive on the
floor, either in pieces, or lucky to still be alive?

Maybe the drop gets cushioned by something that has
the capability of creating an even greater mess for you
to clean up?

angry coffee

At this point are you really going to ask what all this has to
do with whether or not your pets are afraid of you?
Well, okay. If you insist. Here we go, even though you may
not wish to come along.

Tip: You can get items that will help your pet during his/her
stressful times, whatever they may be. Some of the best items
I have found to reduce stress in cats are the Pheromone products.  

Loud Noise

Most cats do not like loud noises. So what’s different from you or I?
You don’t wish to be next to railroad tracks (although many are), or 
an airport (many more are), and isn’t it nice to get away to a quiet
place where you can relax? Kind of like taking a vacation.

Well, your kitties kind of like things to be on the quiet side too.
In case you haven’t noticed, when there is a loud disturbance,
most cats (there are always exceptions) will find a place to hide.

=> Yelling – if you yell, that is raising the decibel level of what
     your cat is likely used to hearing. If there is a lot of yelling
     and screaming, your cat could become fearful which may manifest
     itself in the behavior of your cat(s) – other cats may be affected also.

=> Punish with noise – Most people don’t want to hurt their pets when,
     disciplining, but what I have heard is that some people will take a newpaper,
     or some object, and slap it against their hand in order to make
     loud “Clapping” type sounds. This likely will scare your cat and will eventually
     make it fearful of you if you do this very often.
     Remember – Cats also remember!

=> Angry with yourself – How often have you managed to screw something
up unexpectedly, and found yourself stating expletives that you thought
you had forgotten long ago. And you thought you had a bad memory.

During these stressful times, your voice may raise (your blood pressure does),
you may say things out loud that are louder than usual, 

I don’t need to go on about the noise thing. I do think that you get the
idea of why ou should be careful when you discipline your cat. You can 
discipline your cat without resorting to destructive methods – yelling,
hitting (any physical punishment), or withholding food.

Learn about your cat’s habits and instinctual behaviors.  You and your 
cat will be much happier for it.

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